Thoughts can be words

I find myself thinking aloud and thoughts pacing to and fro.


In my personal opinion but ends can make the heart fonder or harder. I know right. To me it is always right to free your emotions. Even if you won’t appreciate me for what I said, I will be happy I spoke from my heart.

I know the power in words, I prefer to speak. Let me know what you think . It is the reason we are here

Worship Is A Game Of Thrones


Worship is not only about what we do on the outside but more so what is going on, on our inside @Dharius Daniel

The worshipper in me wants to be free

From the cares of life that seem to way me down

The worshipper in me needs consistency

To lift my head and give you praise when no one is around

I want to give my best to you

You are the church

Your heart is the altar

It is the Kings sit

He sits on the throne of your heart

You worship from your heart

So worship is a games of thrones

Male or female we all can worship

In soprano or base our worship is unique

David danced and Solomon prayed; both worshiped

Dancing more than others doesn’t mean you are deep

It might just be your gifting

Sometimes we shout because we are loud not because it is the Spirit


Let it be from your heart

A heart with just place for One King (Only King of kings)

Audit your life and watch your throne

Lean on Him and learn from Him

(the message game of thrones by Dharius Daniel inspired this post title. He is a great minister used by God)

Angry At Men, Mad at Women

angry mad

I am angry at men for the lies they tell and mad at women for believing all of it

I am angry at men for thinking that being the head means they have the brains and mad at women for letting the head overplay the heart. There is truly no head without a heart.

I am angry at men who are threaten by a woman’s success and mad at women who let this insecurities curb their potentials

I am angry at men who treat women like trash and mad at women who do not know their worth

I am angry at men who think is okay to keep late nights (family) and mad at women who stay up all night to wait for them giving them more room.

I am angry at men who call every women they meet “baby, sweet etc’’ and mad at women who smile to it; I mean does he even know your name (flirting side)

At the end I smile because if there is no woman, there is no man and hence no world. Women know your worth, be virtuous, submissive yet wise.

Wrongly Sure

Oh how I love the gift of life, how I appreciate being among the living, pain free not excluding of emotional pain

Have you ever been so sure of something that nothing could make you think otherwise, even the pounding heart beats and the loud screams of your inner voice or subtly whisper of that Still voice.

Putting all the dots to assure you that you are right and then you wake up to know that you were so wrongly sure? I have been there, opening your heart to love and believing all he says and trying to use “church” to justify it and oops it comes clear and I just can’t get mad because I ignored the warning and played justification. Not on instincts but on knowing.

Him alone knows all, like David, do the “inquiry thing” even about all so that like me you don’t get wrongly sure and dream false. I’m now doing the inquiry 🙂



Talk to you

Your heart has been broken again and again. My heart reaches out to you

It’s been one failed friendship to the next. I know it’s hard

You failed that exam over and over. I don’t think its hard luck

You have been working at that job so hard, yet nothing to show for it. Maybe working SMART is an option.

You see people get into this fix most of it not all of the time and all they do is blame other people, blame the economy, accuse people’s attitude but they never look within.

True change and progress comes when you sit down and have a meeting without self. The worst of all flatteries is SELF FLATTERY. You can not lie to you that will only make you stupid that is why even the bible says check to see if you are STANDING. Have a talk with yourself. Forget others and be honest to you and you will be amazed and the changes you will make and help you can get to make you all better.

I pray that this goes a long way to help you. You are special, you are loved and you are chosen.

Loves Limitless Age

Love from before creation

The sun no longer wears
its charms I fear.
It’s been the longest night
and the sun was out of sight.
Returning this grey morning
each rise was like a setting
and the flowers bragged no more
as they were no better than burst a sore.
I no longer swear
to the suns beauty I fear
because it’s not the sun that changes
but the sight from love rusted with age.
Calling for a second chance
to its heart at a distance
and all the yelling keep failing
as the words in the wind go a sailing,

Now I smile, seeing all the beauties

Appreciating love’s returning force

The shedding of blood

Empowers its effect

Now I stand tall, I stand strong