Sloppy Grace

I had no intentions of blogging today but the truth is that you come across some truths that gets you thinking and #making you want to share with others.

Many a Christians do not understand grace, we use grace.

Grace abounds not Grace on a perpetual rebound (continuing in wrong  so it abounds)

The quote below should get you thinking as it got me


Cause A Shaking


When there is a shaking in the economy, business and people suffer pricing as well as demand issues

When there is a shaking on the earth or in the waters, property and lives are destroyed

However, when God causes a shaking, it is for the benefit of His children

God shakes the heavens, blessings unlimited flow to us. There is an overflow of blessings to us ( Hag 2:5-7)

In Faith, call God to cause is shaking for you if you in right standing with Him. Or get in right standing now by confessions all your shortcoming and then ask for His shaking

Be Blessed forever

Foolling Our Ways


How dare you try to make a fool of me?

We warn, we get mad and rash with people not inline with our expectations

How many times have we made a fool of His works

How many times have we made the blood to act as losing it’s power

How often have made the Cross seem like just a curse

How many times have we spoiled His spotless apparel

How many times have we made leaving the splendor of heaven a by thing

Mercy, mercy and more mercy is what can and should keep crying

Grace , grace and more grace