Wrongly Sure

Oh how I love the gift of life, how I appreciate being among the living, pain free not excluding of emotional pain

Have you ever been so sure of something that nothing could make you think otherwise, even the pounding heart beats and the loud screams of your inner voice or subtly whisper of that Still voice.

Putting all the dots to assure you that you are right and then you wake up to know that you were so wrongly sure? I have been there, opening your heart to love and believing all he says and trying to use “church” to justify it and oops it comes clear and I just can’t get mad because I ignored the warning and played justification. Not on instincts but on knowing.

Him alone knows all, like David, do the “inquiry thing” even about all so that like me you don’t get wrongly sure and dream false. I’m now doing the inquiry 🙂


Belief and Hold on

Just a push to someone today!


You think that because you are fair to people,

They will be fair to you?

You think that because you’re mad at people,

They will be mad at you?

The force of belief is strong

The only way it works is if people believe your belief

The unbelief or cliché actions shouldn’t change you

Hold on to the good and I know good will come to you.

Everyone’s life is unique.


Asking the Honest Question?

I get so fascinated at the way people turn to act and behave. If you put yourself in fire, then get ready to get burn or find an escape. One of my lecturer once said” there is no stupid question and there is no question without an answer” Yes I don’t beg I Continue reading


The reason there is so much talk on role models and mentors is as a result of the impact of their lives to that of others. I love friends and true friendships and my forever models in this domain remain the epic bible characters in the persons of David and Jonathan. I pray my little steps help you build true friendship that has nothing to do with age, color, size, sex etc

True Friendships

* You must share common concerns and interest

* Focus on meeting one another’s needs not yours

* Risk rejection and pain

* You must love sacrificially

* Be open and transparent

*Ask for forgiveness and be ready to forgive

* Do not justify, accept criticism and praise

* Allow biblical principles to govern your relationship.

Let me know what you think?

Stop Working


It’s irritating, yes so bad

Why do keep doing it?

Why do keep working out people and things that will not work you out?

You can’t eat

You can’t sleep

You can’t even pray; you really need help

Stop please stop

Don’t blame anyone but you

If it won’t work you out, then free yourself

Get working on what works you out

2 can’t work unless be agreed

Agree on things that agree with you

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Smart working above hard work

Hunting thoughts

Beautiful lost memories

You are in charge of your life; no one else

Valued image

Right reading

Careful meditation

All is within you not without