After my earlier post on GUYS- TRUTHS TO KNOW, so many beautiful comments and remarks came in and above all some honest criticism followed like” you are biased by leaving the guys section out”. So now ladies these are a few truth we have to know so that we do not end up cursing no one but ourselves. Men bow to Respect, Loyalty and Care.

A girl who does not fear God will hardly be his pick when he finally decides is isle time. To them it goes beyond beauty and brains. He needs to be sure that his investment won’t be reinvested in a wrong place (lol)

A ladies worth is more in her character than her appearance. Before you start quoting wrong, please look good, dress good, smell good, put the right make it but be sure to know that it goes beyond the physical. It’s not like as it’s popularly said that they look for their mama in you, no; they just need to know that you know loyalty, tenacity and will teach the kids right morals.

A lady who cannot cook, clean and handle basic domestic chaos is not even on the list of possible winners. Call it 14th century or 21st; the belly power stands out. No one is asking you to be “master chef” or spring cleaning expert. You won’t want to blame Delilah for taking care of the man you ought to have handled right.

A lady who is too swallowed up in “miss independent” disqualifies herself. It is good to work and be able to handle stuffs but men are providers. No man rich or poor, fat or slim, tall or short will let the part of his ego be trample because you are a career woman and financially viable. Everything has its place. Men Pursue, Provide and Protect. Take this away from them and you will not be the one; can never I beg to say.

A lady who doesn’t know how to pamper her man, well you know what they say; all men are big babies. Like us they need affection. They need some tender loving. I didn’t say you should start doing to bfs what is done to husbands but in all pampering has its place in all. Do not be all “Margret Tachery” and needy like they too do not have needs. No man likes to be nagged at.

A lady who cannot comprehend that men love their mothers and will somewhat want a piece of that in their wife doesn’t imply that they need you bossing down their throats and acting all control freak. Let them have their space and they will make adequate room for you J

Men are not only after beauty but brains. A lazy woman who thinks a man should be her sponsor is in for a loss. Ladies get working. Do not see him as a solely a provider and you the eater be a contributor.

It’s not compatibility but suitability.

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The reason there is so much talk on role models and mentors is as a result of the impact of their lives to that of others. I love friends and true friendships and my forever models in this domain remain the epic bible characters in the persons of David and Jonathan. I pray my little steps help you build true friendship that has nothing to do with age, color, size, sex etc

True Friendships

* You must share common concerns and interest

* Focus on meeting one another’s needs not yours

* Risk rejection and pain

* You must love sacrificially

* Be open and transparent

*Ask for forgiveness and be ready to forgive

* Do not justify, accept criticism and praise

* Allow biblical principles to govern your relationship.

Let me know what you think?

Stop Working


It’s irritating, yes so bad

Why do keep doing it?

Why do keep working out people and things that will not work you out?

You can’t eat

You can’t sleep

You can’t even pray; you really need help

Stop please stop

Don’t blame anyone but you

If it won’t work you out, then free yourself

Get working on what works you out

2 can’t work unless be agreed

Agree on things that agree with you

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Smart working above hard work

Hunting thoughts

Beautiful lost memories

You are in charge of your life; no one else

Valued image

Right reading

Careful meditation

All is within you not without

Your Dreams Are Safe


It took me a while but so you know I appreciate you all; MY TRUE FRIENDS

A true friend never changes (even in the ranging storm) and we never feel strange.

A true friend is a rare precious blend of rapport, understanding and trust. They know our tears and our joy through the years and they are one with whom our plans are discussed.

A true friend is one who never discloses the dreams we entrust in their guidance (keeping). They are always gutsy.

Grow Invitation (3:1)


A true friend is one who helps us to keep going when you feel like giving up because there is no reason any more to push.

A true friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts who you have become but still gently invites you to grow.

A true friend is one you can share everything (positive) with even the fear of public eyes and such friends are forever, this so because  true friends are meant to be together even for eternity. They are beautiful but rare. Keep the ones you’ve got.