Feelings Fade


He held my hand and chills went down my spine

I wasn’t having butterflies

I was just feeling different.

There is more to love than feelings. There is more to life than just existing. Find true purpose in whatever drives you. Feelings might fade and fail. The essence or the purpose will keep you going. DO NOT let feelings only determine your decisions.

Have a great weekend and make sure you feel great


My Temporal Love Affair – Part 1


Life is a gift. The Giver helps us make the most of it


We miss it sometimes and that is totally okay so long as lessons are learnt.

I sensed that something great was coming my way. You know how they often say trust your intuition, it was beyond that. I sensed it in my spirit and other close friends even mentioned so. We met on a “God” platform. Every single thing and word seemed to fit ( deja vu). Was it really so?

I got carried away with “God” talk and so too the familiarity with scripture quote. The talks and chats felt so great that i saw a future that brought heaven to earth and streamed many to His presence. We talked about the past in a way that only makes a sister see an understanding future. Now hands up to that single christian sister who doesn’t want a #word and understanding man on her list. lol.

Now I began to feel like i should keep this a secret even from myself so that naysayers and monitoring spirits don’t pry and spoil a powerful hell wrecking God-glory bringing union. I was so wrong. He helped me fueled this thought which i nursed unconsciously. Did I check with His Spirit that bares witness with mine if I am on track?……………….. To be continued



Being Born Again Don’t Mean Stupid!


Now i have had it with people, friends, family, loves one etc that think that because you are born-again, a Jesus lover makes you stupid and gives them room to treat you any how and try to push nonsense attitude and things down your throat


My note to all those who take people in their lives for granted is this:

We have being called to be gentle as doves and yet wise as serpent!!!! Watch it. Being nice does not translate as being stupid, you might be looking at your water-loo soonest. We are working out our salvation with fear and trembling and if it entails adding you to the the trash, it will be done. You need to learn what it means to leave at PEACE WITH ALL MEN. Be warned a word is always sufficient even to the unwise.

Keep yourself in check.

My Truths About Feelings

Another fact about truth is that every one has feelings. But the truth is that you have to be careful on how you express your feelings. Being so explicit sometimes can destroy you e.g. telling them how you feel too desperately can lead to you being exploited even though I must admit that its hard to keep the feelings to yourself as it kills you inside softly but still use your five or six senses well okay!.

It is true that telling someone how you feel makes you feel better but my dear the question now is to what extend?  Because they might begin playing games with your heart even though it’s no casino.  Anyways I beg you to play no such games because before you know nemesis will hold you up in the throat.

Everyone is entitled to their feelings but wisdom cautions us on expression.

My Truths About Daring

Another truth is; it is true that one must dare in life. Daring is cool but it can come  with good tidings as well as jinx, but dear the things you dare to do how does he/ she feels about this? How does it add to you now? Does it matter to you? It should. We all need romantic partners but now to what extend? You can hug them, kiss them, caress them, cuddle them and all but know that it all depends on whom and in what circumstances #marriage.

To get our relationships moving, we should find out what your guy or gal doesn’t like you doing (courting). Because the truth is that you dare to do things you see others do but that’s not right. The only one person you could emulate is Christ. Try to be your own man and not people’s man okay. I might not know much but I thankful for that which I know because it gets me going and I am me not you. So dare but with caution #Wisdom

My Truths About Sexual Feelings

The truth is that every one of us is human but our human nature of feelings ought to be controlled; God needs to be by us to see us through. The demand for sex from young boys and girls is high and very pressurizing but the truth is that fornication is wrong. It is true that it is hard to resist but we can be resistant to this odd God helping and our own determination inline with what we want from life. The truth about fornication is that it might be suppressed for a while from public view but it cannot be conquered or hidden for a life time, the truth will always out.

The truth is that most boys/ men are weak when it comes to their emotions as such they need girls/ women who are strong in controlling this emotions for a wonderful time so they can avoid certain wrongs. Reverse is the case with women. Also its true that love is about sharing one another’s concerns and interest, so tell what love is there when you love me and cannot respect my opinion about sex out of marriage?. Every one has things or principles which they uphold either for God and for their self esteem okay, so know that no one is refusing to have sex with you because you aint good enough or because they desire it with some one else. The truth is good for us all to engage in certain things in right timing.