Dear “Man of God”


Standing, preaching


Still in the pit, trying to pull from the pit

Pouring into the people your bad content

Out there, you defile

Defile young converts

Cheat on new members

Use your title as the authority

Who called you?

You called yourself and claim He did

His own have His nature

His own has His character

They do not play lust as life

They do not bleach like light

They do not twist scriptures like cinnamon rolls

They do not foster falsehood

They do not have a form and deny the power

They do not love themselves most

They do not make compromise the promise

They do not hurt ladies blaming it on their laziness

They do not use young men claiming Joshua servanthood growth

They do not manipulate because they a called a man

You need to change

Prayers offered without willingness to stop preying?

Change your ways and actions

Return to your first love

A love that has always been true to you

A love that has never failed any

Repent ( You and me.. yes us)

Like the rest of us..repent

Abstract : Pre-Warned?


She is on the altar of prayer. in the art of true worship. yet no matter how amazing the music and songs are that ooze from her mouth, she is in tears and sobbing so hard that people around her can’t tell the contrast and wonder why or what God must be telling her.

Few weeks after that she finds herself in a compromising situation and position and actions. Kissing and necking and all those petty romance things. Her conscience is pressing in on her. He had been pressing in with his demands towards her. She is careful but then with the lies and betrayals in her life she felt like a little body defiling won’t hurt her but she was wrong. Selling cheap to cheating and dishonesty doesn’t make for worth.

Now was the worship hour wailing a sign of danger ahead. Was it weeping ahead of time in repentance from upcoming sin? What if she could understand the language God uses to speak to her?

Kindly share your thoughts. Thank you