Cover Over Covering


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I am not sure about you but we need to really sit up as believers in our walk with God and also stand in the gap for the church. The world has no issues diversifying the magnitude of its havoc but then the church is being turned into a cover for many us and no longer the covering which the blood wrought.

  • We do not take care of our families (covering)and then we come and pay tithes (cover) and pick up announcements on the alter.
  • We sleep with fellow married and unmarried brethren and then usher people into pews on service days with holy smiles
  • We lie and gossip and then pick up the microphone and close our eyes in worship ministrations
  • …….. the list is endless

Service will never replace the Foundation that stands sure” they that name the name of the Lord must depart from evil

I receive grace in Jesus name. Receive yours

I Don’t Want To Change My Faith

faith in Christ

If you are a Christian  (BORN AGAIN) from my part of the world then you probably have heard this statement more than once in your life time” i don’t want to change my faith”. it has become so common that you find yourself ignorantly trying to justify the good you are trying to do ( this is especially common when you go out for evangelism or when encouraging a friend to follow you to church to hear God’s word with you etc ). you even meet a man that wants to marry you and he tells you that you have to change your faith to be his wife ( he actually means church). Faith is not a church people. Faith is not a location. We Christians have to work on our grammar? it sounds like believing in Jesus Christ equals change of cloths from a closet full

It gets you wondering if you both are Christians or some parts of the bible are just out of place.One Lord, one faith, one baptism, Eph 4:5. You begin to wonder ;was i asking you to stop believing in Jesus Christ? Our faith is stayed on Him. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. So what faith don’t you want to change?

Be a Church; Do Not Play Church


Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 1 Cor 3:16

In Africa and especially Cameroon (my great Fatherland); Growing up oops! I played church. Myself and kid brother will go to church where we were sure it will close soonest so we could be back home to eat or play. You know what they say “being a child and being into childish way”. It was a fun thing for me; can you relate with that?

Coming of age, I experienced a love that knew no wrong. It just brings you to a place that it’s not about men and expectations, it’s about a love that you can’t help but be true to despite falling and falling and yet waking at mercies feet.

I discovered from moving from church to church which we have lots in Cameroon, (I didn’t move to many per say but visited other churches; we are body, so these have different names (parts); somehow it was like a vague repetition; so much copy and paste, so much do’s and don’ts. It’s like you are torn between which to follow, what to wear or not wear and how they represent the church that we are not the building that we attend service in.

The focus turned to the building and impressing other or making an impression, it moved from being a temple where the Almighty can dwell, move and have being in; to impact others lives to taking care of the floors, walls, and designs (oh nothing is wrong in making the physical good even as the real temple is in top form)” What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 1 Cor 6:19”

Saying on Sunday you want revival and on Monday can’t even find your bible? Playing church!

Having a form of religion and denying the Power thereof? Playing church!

Have you being playing church? It’s time to be a church

Stop All The “Fakeness”


We don’t seem to understand why! Why people just can’t be themselves? Why people can’t be real. If I love you I will tell you, just to free my emotions. If I see your lips and it’s so cute and I want kiss them; though I won’t ( #righttiming) but the reason I get to be honest is because I won’t give it room to make me feel guilty. The truth setting us free is deeper than just knowing the Word.

You criticize people for being themselves because you fear being you; so as to save face with men. That’s enslaving for you because this men you are saving faces for in some part of them know that you are not real.

You wear short cloths to work and get all “nunnery” when it’s church time? Continue reading

Hauled For Looks

Me and my girl were hauled the other day by a “church” guy for our looks. He said , i quote” I love your heart for service and worship but it has to be done write; you have to cover your hair (wear a cap or tie a scarf i guess that is what he meant) before worship( in His PRESENCE)” LOUD THOUGHTS: I carry His presence every where I go why is a spot/place the concern? Hmmmmm

Now I am wondering which is the covering? The hair or the cloth?


Isn’t it obvious that it’s disgraceful for a man to have long hair? And isn’t long hair a woman’s pride and joy? For it has been given to her as a covering. (1 Corinthians 11:14-15)

Please share your thoughts?

Two (2) Reasons And Whys To Boast

If you are a God-loving person or a bible following one, then you will know that humility is everything and that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. However I have learnt that it is okay to make boast in these areas; If any should boast, they should that

  1.  They know God
  2. They understand Him

How valid are your “boastings”?

Do you know why we can make our boast in Him?

  1. He acts in love (always)
  2. He is a righteous judge ( acts in justice and righteousness)

Did I give you enough reasons to start making your boast in Him?



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Walking ins the flesh is being bewitched

In my part of the world it is a normal happening in families, communities, schools etc. You hear of all kinds of stories and hey they are very real (the earth is full of the dark places of cruelty). Not fictions like Harry Porter and many other witching series. It is true that the wickedness of human kind is taking the devil by surprise. However it is not about “vodooing” or black magic I am writing about.

O foolish “Christians”! Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth (Gal 3:1a)

Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly? Having begun [your new life spiritually] with the [Holy] Spirit, are you now reaching perfection [by dependence] on the flesh? (Gal 2:3)

Everything we ever had and will have came to us through the Spirit by faith. What happened to our walk with God? It has moved to a point that it is all sight and fleshy, following economic predictions, hearsay, observations etc. We now judge our future and our progress and destiny by what we hear and see; no longer what He says in His Word: this is real bewitching. We have so walked by sight and sense that the devil has bewitched us into being foolish.

Only what He says is suppose to move us. Not what we hear or see. Perfection of all that concerns us is spiritual not physical. Living in disobedience to God’s Word is a sign of bewitchment.

Have you being bewitched? It is time to walk in the spirit so that you will not gratify nonsense.

You are blessed

Finding Rest

Did you ever find yourself trying to have a conversation with someone with good intentions and it feels like they are moving from front to back and then midway to the top and at the end the purpose is achieved? Well I had that kind of conversation today with my(our) Father  today from the book of Hebrews 4.

4:1 God calls us to watch out so that we do not fall short of entering His superior rest (not the temporal kind from material stuffs and possessions). Is there unrest in your life?

4:3 Those of us who believe (hallelujah) have entered His rest. Do you believe? In what and whom? How do we then enter rest?

4:2 By mixing every open and private promise He made to us with #Faith and

4:10 ceasing from our own rest ( doing stuffs to get His approval, rather than receive His approval for choosing us)

4:16 which gives us access to the throne room of grace and mercy where our own High Priest (Jesus Christ)

4:12 identifies with our feelings.

So whatever you are feeling, trust Him and enter His rest. I decree rest for you.