Word Energy


All energy is draining out

Why is this happening to me?

These battles are strong

If it was on the field, then we are familiar

If it was in a ring, a referee is in a place to blow fair

The battle ground is familiarly unfamiliar

It’s in the mind

Yes the mind

You want to know how to win?

Of course victory is sure gradually


Yes renew

Renew your mind daily

By the word

It cleanses

It washes

We are winning

Winning every battle

Replacing wrong thoughts with right ones

This is how to win mind battles

Step out

Gain your energy in word thoughts/ meditations



Fix Your Heart


His ways are not your ways

His thoughts are way above yours

So’ stop trying to figure Him OUT

He is God and can do above and beyond for you and in you

He has broken all chains… the chains are broken and you have been set free

Follow Him and He will take care of you

extracts from my devotional studies (ps20 &24)