Monday, 14th September 2020

Proverbs 4:5 – Get wisdom; develop good judgment.

One of the most important tests we all face as we try to achieve what God has called us to do is our response to cultural distractions. These distractions prevent you from becoming your best. Can you relate to losing your focus because of any of these distractions?

1. The distraction of popularity:- If you are always worried about what other people think, you will be distracted from your purpose and destiny.

2. The distraction of pleasure:- It’s okay to have fun and feel comfort, but if that’s the primary focus of your life, you will never fulfill your purpose.

3. The distraction of profits:- You can’t serve both God and money. Making a profit shouldn’t be the primary focus of your life.

4. The distraction of possessions:- Judging your success by how much stuff you own will keep you concerned about keeping things and maintaining things.

If you are going to fulfill the mission and purpose God has given you, you must dare to be different from others. Stay focused on the most important thing: your relationship with Jesus Christ.

– Which of these distractions have kept you from achieving God’s best for your life?
– What practical steps do you need to take to help minimiSe these distractions in your life?
Pray for God to give you the courage and grace to be different and go against cultural standards.

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