ARE YOU A VRP?: 22/4/2020

2 Timothy 1:16-17 – May the Lord show mercy to the household of Onesiphorus, because he often refreshed me and was not ashamed of my chains. On the contrary, when he was in Rome, he searched hard for me until he found me.

They’re 2 types of persons we come across; a VDP and a VRP. VDP stands for “Very Draining Person”. They exhibit negative, pessimistic, complaining, and “life sucking” behaviors. They criticize, complain, make excuses and find faults. Their words are poison to anyone who dares to listen.

On the other hand is a VRP or “Very Refreshing People”. Large numbers of faith-filled, positive, right-living, energized VRPs are needed to combat the devastating effects of VDPs. They speak words of life into the ordinary and transform it. They re-fill your energy tanks emotionally, morally, relationally, spiritually and otherwise. They breathe encouragement, blessing, and hope into your soul and remind you that nothing is impossible with God.

In the Bible, Onesiphorus was a VRP. He brought hope and healing to Paul. In fact, his name actually means “to bring help or profit-bearing”. From Onesiphorus’ example, we learn three key characteristics of VRPs:

1- Refreshment is Repeated: Paul writes, “he often refreshed me”. This was not a one and done refreshment, but he did it time and time again. Refreshing needs to be regular and repeated.

2 Refreshment is Risky: Paul says that Onesiphorus “was not ashamed of my chains”. He was willing to associate himself with Paul’s sufferings in prison. We need to step out of our comfort zone to refresh others.
3 Refreshment is Relentless: Onesiphorus “searched hard” for Paul. He was relentless to find his friend and refused to stop until he “found him”. VRPs are persistent.

The question is – Are you a Very Refreshing Person? The challenge is not whether you have VRPs in your life, but are you one? Do you bring life to people?

Your words can unlock God’s greatness in others. You need to be committed to infusing life into others through intentional words of nourishment. Let them feast off your encouragement. Become a VRP for each other.

Father, there is fresh power at the foot of the cross. I want to be a lifter, an encourager, a refresher. Help me to be a VRP every day. Too often I get focused on myself and my problems and do not see the opportunities to bless others with words and actions. Thank You for loving me and refreshing me all the time.

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