A Judgmental Spirit


God have mercy. I’m happy my heart is still receptive to His Word.

I love to charge my spirit while at work. i do this by listening to gospel music on YouTube or preaching ( it’s allowed in my office so long as it doesn’t interfere with your work). So I put in the earplugs and get on with my duty and task for the day. I see this message on conversations with God and wow, what a beautiful powerful message.

It was actually in a series. As one finished, the next started and the preacher this time around is sitting on the altar with legs crossed. Fine skin tone ( i’m kind of from a conservative society but i’m open minded to an extend) . As she began preaching… in my heart i began to say why will she dress the way she is dressed and more so with crossed leg where she sat on the altar. Before my thought could land, she said we are two preaching and not one and we will welcome the second preacher in 5 weeks. I was immediately convicted of how judgmental i was getting and i immediately repented. She was actually pregnant and preached a powerful message

The point i’m making today is let our hearts be alive. We are free to think but as soon as we find ourselves getting of chart, let’s be quick to repent. Also let’s not be quick to judge and let’s always make sure our focus is on the right place. let’s examine from a place of learning to be better not to condemn.

Have a blessed day

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