Do You Dream?

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What are dreams. Images, pictures, stories played or event orchestrated till some point. Well i believe we all do dream when we sleep. Most times we remember them and other times we don’t. Some call it dream theft.

Personally i do dream and most often than not i remember my dreams. The goal for me is not just to dream but to remember the dream and more so know when it’s a dream to take serious and when it’s time to ignore or cancel ( send back to sender). Sometimes i got those kinds that you wake up screaming or someone by you have to wake you up because they can see you are struggling in your sleep( it’s commonly called attacks  by us believers or nightmares as it’s generally known. They birth fear and unease.

Do you dream? And do you believe your dreams?

Well God uses dreams to speak to speak to people. He can talk to directly and He can use dreams too. However, we will still need to pray for the Holy Spirit to help us in understanding these dreams so as not to run into error.

Most times when i wake up from dreams that i know it’s something serious i just ponder on the dream and pray in tongues and before I know the beats begin to fall in place. The dream interpreter i trust is the Holy Spirit. I recently had a dream and what He interpreted started unfolding not to long i guess that’s why i shared this little bit and hope it helps you

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