Dumping Ground


What do you do when people treat you like a dumping ground or garbage can. I sounds harsh but real it’s a reality.

Do you have those people in your life that only seem to value you only when they have a problem or need something from you. When they never talk to you or share stuffs with you when all is going well but when things are falling apart they come dumb on you and take counsel and never return until its another dumping season. So sad right.

Do you have those people in your life that never support your business or ideas or promote it or you in any way but never relent dumping information of their own affairs for you to manage and support? Why are you letting your self being a dumping ground. Life is about sowing and reaping not reaping and reaping

Do you have those people in your life who are the first to bring information about every other person to you but themselves. You are a tanker for their gossip juice. No, you are better than this. You are a treasure not a dumping ground.

Do you have those people in your life that never ever get you anything new but once old and worn out they feel you now need it. They seem to feel you are the synonym for hand-downs. What would happen if they just shop new things for you. Let’s not mistaken this for someone that gives you hand-downs because they are true but that’s the best they can afford for now

The point we are drawing on today is, you are not a dump. You are a field. You need to be nurtured, cared for, supported, planted, weeded and all. You are not for negativity but for positivity and strength. The choice is yours, you deserve better. People will always be people but you have the right and choice to who you allow to influence your circle

2 thoughts on “Dumping Ground

  1. Thanks! This is so timely for me right now. I’m going through a time of evaluating relationships and realizing I have a couple that are not adding value. These people only dump and complain. And they don’t seem to want to get better.

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    • inspiredGrisele says:

      Me too sis. I’m in a cleaning house season with God. It’s not fun but i know i need it if i must make my marks on the earth for His glory


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