I want


I want to write a book. It’s just a want, i feel and know i need to. I just don’t know how to start or the push to continue . Please leave a comment if you can help me with some practical tips on how to start and the tenacity to continue

I have heard of the option to do audio recording as ideas flow and then later get someone to type it out. Some say do the typing yourself directly and get someone to read and yet others says hard pen and paper writing is the way to go.

In short i need divine help and direction still i know the place of goodly advice so guys… i will appreciate your help

5 thoughts on “I want

  1. I think it’s really good that you have this idea to write a book. I believe every good and perfect gift comes from God, so He will definitely see you through the journey. You can start with scribbling on the notepad in your phone. Since your phone is handy, you will always have it to update as ideas come in. You can develop a plot, sets of chapters and basically the structure of what you want the book to look like. Then start writing. Even when it doesn’t make sense, keep at it. Someday it would piece together nicely. Those are my little thoughts 😁 I wish you the best on this book!

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