Name Sake


It’s twilight again and random thoughts are strolling in my mind. Seeking answers to the concerns that weigh my head and heart. Things i seek to understand or question why it’s the way it is.

The day sets off and I was reading a book called ” UNDERSTANDING DIVINE DIRECTION ” by Bishop David Oyedepo . I was on chapter 7 and they light surge it and it just began to smile aloud

You are not blessed because of what you or how well you do it. It’s for my namesake.

You are not healed just because you prayed more than others of have a mountain moving faith, It’s because of my namesake.

You did not get that job because your are the most smart and all and all but for my namesake.

He doesn’t let us see shame not for us but for His namesakes.

Do you remember how many times you have fallen short yet for His namesake He, still shows up and lifts you up?

It’s all for His name sake. So grow your confidence in this name. The matchless, ageless, changeless name. Today as your pray and carry on the day, make request not on account of your righteousness but for His namesake

Stay blessed

Inspired to encourage

(Written by : Inspired Grisele)



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