Encouragement: Lemonade


You are pushing me down, you are pushing me out

Most time I want to question my worth and sanity

It’s only so because i gave you permission to put me such awkward spot

I take back my rights

You trying to hurt me and cause me to be beggarly has only brought me to my knees

A place of deep fellowship and sweet conversations

A place where I am not afraid or ashamed to voice my opinions and be completely frank

See…. it all truly works for my good, everything

Message: Despite what life and people may try to throw at us or we throw at ourselves, the best thing that can come out of it is for it to bring us to the place of prayer. A place of smooth work with God. A place where we are unashamed and loved. A place where we will grow and strive. Not every negative situation is truly negative. Make lemonade out of that lemon.

Stay blessed. You are loved


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