Short Fiction: A Single Christian Lady’s Tale

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She is a worshipper and yes, she loves to worship. Lifting holy hands is not just another routine but a way of life.  Staying focused on God yet not missing the tall, hunky handsome worshiper also in the congregation. Oh how she wishes

It’s not like she is distracted but then we watch and we pray. It’s not like she is searching but she wishes he can find her. It’s not like she is desperate but a sister is allowed to throw an innocent smile to a fine brother that is in church

She wished he could just ask her to be his woman. This is not to stay that because he is in church and lifting holy hands that makes him perfect but how will she know if he doesn’t ask her out and she accepts and gets to know him

He finally did notice her. Yes, she says isn’t God just awesome in his ways. She didn’t know she was a walking into principalities nest. Well she will know with time. They got talking and hanging out and then she noticed he was all cover no content.

We often miss out on purpose with people in church because we tend to assume that because they are in church that automatically makes them save and right for us. Well that is a lie. Not every man in church is a husband. Man (male & female). The only way not to miss out on purpose is to pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you

(SHORT STORY: Fiction)

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