Your Permission

What are world we live in!!!

There is so much deception so much so that WE get deceived as you rely  on how deception is and does manifest!

I know it can drain you when it feels or you know that you have been exploited or used

No one makes you what you don’t give them permission to.

I won’t let you use me if i don’t want to, so to me deception is a fountain we often dig and blame others of drinking from it. It’s like an open check to that classy restaurant or an open beach and yet we get surprised when people use it

Yes the world we live in is yours to build. I try to keep my world real as i I know that no one makes any one feel inferior or superior without their consent. So what are you consenting too?!!!!

4 thoughts on “Your Permission

  1. Hmmm! ‘No one makes you what you don’t give them permission to.’ This holds profound meaning for me. I’ll have to live more deliberately and stop giving people the permission to call me things that I’m not. Thank you for sharing!

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