Sloppy Grace

I had no intentions of blogging today but the truth is that you come across some truths that gets you thinking and #making you want to share with others.

Many a Christians do not understand grace, we use grace.

Grace abounds not Grace on a perpetual rebound (continuing in wrong  so it abounds)

The quote below should get you thinking as it got me


13 thoughts on “Sloppy Grace

  1. Thanks for sharing this @Inspired Grisele…. I think this is really a problem amongst Christians…. Grace is the product of Christ’s death and a privilege we now enjoy. But shouldn’t be taken for granted.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless❤

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  2. This is exactly what most Christians take grace for …. continuously rebounding in sin so that grace may speak for them. But thay wasn’t the initial plan of God when grace was introduced through christ.
    I’m glad you shared…and I’m blessed.

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