3 Ways God Answers Prayers

Good morning all😘

Was having my Bible study time today and learned these 3 ways God answers prayers. God answers prayers in many different ways as He is a God with many sided wisdom. However I will only mention the 3 that stood out today in my bible study this morning.

God answers prayers by

1. Dreams. Our dreams our unique to us and dependent on what is going on in our lives and also how we relate with God and we also can draw reference from bible similarities in our dreams

2. Signs. This clearly again depends on what you asked God and how well you can interpret signs from God. It could just be someone advising you or chatting with you and mention in passing what you prayed for. This requires that you be alert and spiritually sensitive

3. Prophets. Yes prophets. However this must align with what’s already in your spirit and to the Word of God

Kindly share with me the ways God has used to answer you.

Scriptural inspiration: 1 Sam 28:6

Have a blessed day❤️😍

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