3 B


Hello everyone, Today i want to share with you the 3 B’s in everyone’s life. This is how i make use of mine


  1. Believe: Everyone has a believe system. It might be in someone or something or in things or concept. Whatever you believe, determines how you handle life and how life turns out for you. I believe in God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all there are therein. I believe that God loves me so much that He sent His only soon to come and die for me. So I believe in Jesus Christ who is the way , the Truth and The Life and without him in my life, I am nothing. I also believe in the Holy Spirit my every present help. I believe the only how to get to heaven is by Jesus Christ. Looking forward to Easter, I am more than ever reminded that my believe wrought so much for me and i need to set my self up to partake of all redemption bought for me. What are your believes?
  2.  Beauty: The world is a beautiful place and as individuals we are beautiful not because of what we have or how we look or by the colour of our skin but because of whose we are. he that gives beauty for ashes. You are not beautiful because of the standard of the world. I am not beautiful based on anyone’s standard but on that of my creator so love the skin and body you came in with and yes always be ready to make healthy improvements as needed not from a place of insecurity or to meet up with a media notion or his/her template for you. I know my body is His temple so no matter how beautiful i might be, feel or look, the ultimate goal for our beauty is to give God glory
  3. Brains: We are all intelligent. We might not all be at the same level or have that wow IQ but that is not to say you are not intelligent or your level cancels mine, no. It just keeps us in our lane. I am intelligent because i can do things through Christ that strengthens me. However i prefer to be smart. Life in this age calls for smart working not just working hard. In as much as i want to be smart i choose to follow His path in gaining wisdom which is the principal thing. Wisdom can take you where intelligence won’t. Wisdom is the principal thing. Go for wisdom. It works every day and time

What do you think of my life B’s?

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