3 Most Unsexy Character Traits


Life gives us opportunities to learn and grow and change and continue to change till we become the best we are designed to be. I have come to identify these 3 character traits that just makes people; no matter how beautiful or handsome they may look physically, to look so ugly and unsexy.I had being a guilty of some and still strive to be better

  1. Being Rude: Impolite, cheeky, not courteous
  2. Proud/Arrogant: Having or revealing an exaggerated/ excessively high sense of one’s own importance or abilities.
  3. Lying/ Lies

Try being courteous and see how amazing your life will turn out

Try being humble and you will be surprised at the lifting you will experience

Try speaking the truth in love and you will be amazed at the lives you will impact and smiles you will put on people’s faces

What other characters traits are unsexy to you?


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