A, B C Of Blogging

Good morning:

For newbie bloggers, here is my ABC to make blogging easy for you

ABOUT Page: about.PNG

Develop a great about page ( mine though need some work). This is lets people know who you are and what your blog will be about. In my opinion, make it short and interesting and a picture will help make it more catchy. I will avoid the age thing in this area. People respect your genius and creativity and not your age, your age might make some people not to value your work.

Background Design:  At the beginning of your blogging journey, you can make use of free template and themes but even at that you can play around with the design so;

-Play with color

-Select template that best suits your audience

-Font size

-Customized as much as you can.


Content: This talks of the body of your post. In my opinion, make it


-Short ( the world is so busy for large huge contents to read through and if they decide to, then back to point 1, it has to be interesting)

-Relatable bits

-Simple language

-Concise body and conclusion.

Just my ABC guide . Hope it is helpful. Have a great day



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