What Is The Christian Thing To Do?


They insulted and disrespected you because they are older. Is respect based on age? What is the Christian thing to do?

They are openly biased and show partiality and you can see and feel it. Everything thing tells you to do something. What is the Christian thing to do?

They play with your heart even though ‘born again” and even with your body and you are aware that you are not the only victim. You see new preys of theirs around. What is the Christian thing to do?

You work and very diligently yet they take you for a ride and even under pay you. What is the Christian thing to do?

They push you to the wall and drag you to the edge and yet hope that you pass the other cheek. The truth is there are no more cheeks to turn. What is the Christian thing to do?

You are true and nice and open your hands and heart and yet all they do is take information from you to heart you. What is the Christian thing to do?

They exploit and take advantage of your niceness and then turn around to paint you black with plastic front smiles and backstabbing stories. What is the Christian thing to do?

Like McReynolds says” help me maintain

Life will posse situations and challenges to us that if we do not manage well we might lose our very selves. Choice is our exit. Prayer is the way out. What is do is pray for God to help me maintain

7 thoughts on “What Is The Christian Thing To Do?

  1. That was really incredible.

    You know, many Christians think Christianity is timidity. No. Christians are now too spiritual that they forget to be physical.

    Jesus flogged and chased away those money changers, babblers, traders, using the temple as a market place. Why didn’t Jesus pray? Instead He took physical action.

    There are times you confront situations physically and stand against it. That doesn’t mean you have to start making trouble everywhere.

    If you confront a death situation, you have to find a way to make sure you are alive.. Either you confront the enemy or run for escape.

    Nice message. Remain blessed.

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  2. As Christians, our reaction to injustice and unruly behavior is one of the biggest test we are faced with. Everyone is watching to see how the ‘christian’ will behave during certain situations. To maintain, I believe every christian should always apply wisdom especially when we are under scrutiny…. It is not easy but self control and living intentionally can help

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  3. Spirituality is a product of the spirit which manifests in the physical. So if anyone says he’s a christian, that means they bare the spirit of God in them. Automatically, God’s spirit will aid us in our everyday confrontations, and circumstances…

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    • inspiredGrisele says:

      Very true dear. His Spirit will help us. Do you think we sometimes take in so much that is unnecessary in the name of we are Christians?


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