Forceful Giving


giving.jpgToday is Sunday and as a part of every service or mass, giving offerings of thanksgiving is a part of the worship time. This post however is not on giving but on our attitude towards it and most often lame remarks (no hard feelings….just my opinion)

I personally dislike how some persons often sound as though God is forcing them to give to Him. What can you really give to God that can match His givings in your life and family. The point is this; we cannot out give God. And if you do not see the need to give don’t okay rather hide behind the notion that pastors are using it to wear fine clothes and drive amazing cars and live in wow houses.

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Comfortable Being Single


I got so comfortable being single that a failed to respond to love or welcome it’s coming. Singleness is not a defect or something to shun. It’s phase and like every other thing it too will pass. But we Christian singles have to know where to strike a balance.

It’s phase and like every other thing it too will pass

Miss independent has so crept in that it battles our very command to be submissive. I am no longer a victim but I was a victim playing “I CAN HANDLE MYSELF”. I discovered I was “putting God on a hot seat”, praying for my own man yet not making room for any man both by my ways and actions.. actions more.

Being single yet not truly single

Our confused state can’t confuse God. Do not invest in prayers and disregard the answers yet by yourself. Sometimes we claim to be single yet we aren’t truly single because we are playing a “waiting to hear from God “ with plenty men on the line so that when we decide that being single is no longer what we want to be called, we can pick from the many. God can’t be mocked . What we sow, we reap.

Take Home: It is fine to celebrate God in our single state and be comfortable being single but let’s also know when it’s time to embrace answers to our prayers. God doesn’t work across purposes. Let us clean house for real and be ready to receive His best when it comes to us

Much love


You Are Not Permitted


A wise man once said that “ wise people do not complain about the things they permit”

Some people are just complicated. Do not give them permission to complicate your life.

You are your own best Counselor (examine yourself daily)

You are your own best Judge (judge to see that you are standing in God)

You are your own best Motivator (David encouraged himself in the Lord)

Joy are your own best source of Joy (you count it joy when you face trials)

You are all you need. Do you know why? There is a power @ work in You

  (Inspiration from Eph 3:20)

Today’s fragrance: Drop that selfish ambition.

Selfish ambition will only create more anxiety in our lives. Let’s learn to look beyond ourselves

Living Life On Purpose

Today’s fragrance by Papberry

Topic: Drop that selfish ambition

Scripture: Philippians 2:3-4

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Many times we do things for people with a sort of hidden agenda… It’s either we want be praised for our works (eye service) or to get a favor in return.

I always say that Christians are so fortunate to have a role model who is perfect and also perfects anyone who chooses to follow him, in himself.

A lot of us don’t even remember the last time we purchased something with others in mind, something like ohh wow, this dress will look good on Benewaa, let me get it for her. Naaa, it’s always me, me, me, and me, even if the thing…

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