Relating To Gideon – Sunday Motivation


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If you have ever read the story of Gideon in the bible or heard about him, then relating to him can be easy but if not , please go ahead and read his impactful life (Judges 6-8)

He was the least of the least of the least in his city, community, family and the list goes on. However when he encountered the God’s who’s ways are past searching, everything turned around for him. Though his beginning was small, he ended up as a mighty deliverer of his nation.

I do not know what your story is, I want to encourage you that God will and can change things for you if you turn to him. I can relate to Gideon. The reason I keep chasing after HIM

If people mock you

Keep chasing after God

If they laugh at you for your God’s sake

Keep chasing after Him

No what may come your way

Keep chasing after him ( Hanah, Sarah, David etc.. let their stories motivate you to keep chasing after the God that does not use men but bless them)

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