Unlike fast food joints littered all over the streets, true friendship is so rare in these days were people work so hard at using others even their “friends”. The exploitative nature of many is growing at work places, offices, ministries, businesses, family unions… sometimes it is not strange to wonder if there is some friendship virtue left out there. Well there is.

We are either used because we are unaware that we are being taken advantage of. Or because we are trying to give people room to change. It could be that we do not know what or who to use. And the list goes on and on. Nevertheless there is way for us not to be used and build wise friendships.

If we build a relationship with the All Wise God, he will lead us in the right way and shield us from false friends and every kind of falsehood given that friendships have now been made  to be more difficult as mine works. We are put in a place where we have to drill and dig deep to find some truth to build on and delete the lies in most media friendship which fakely seem to be more nourished and groomed than real friendships

Being in a place like Dubai, I can attest that finding and retaining true friendships requires God-work. I can attest to it and I believe many others. People are so overwhelm by many things and have ignored the place of God and it’s the reasons for the many hurts around.

Use God and you will not be used be it at work or in business or in love walk etc….I value true friendships and have come to know that God is our only how not to be used by people and things.

Be blessed my friends

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