Forceful Giving


giving.jpgToday is Sunday and as a part of every service or mass, giving offerings of thanksgiving is a part of the worship time. This post however is not on giving but on our attitude towards it and most often lame remarks (no hard feelings….just my opinion)

I personally dislike how some persons often sound as though God is forcing them to give to Him. What can you really give to God that can match His givings in your life and family. The point is this; we cannot out give God. And if you do not see the need to give don’t okay rather hide behind the notion that pastors are using it to wear fine clothes and drive amazing cars and live in wow houses.

Let’s stop following the crowd to make every kind of windy expressions that can harm us, rather we should settle in the Word for understanding so that as we play our part, we get our results and if the pastors play gain on our giving let the God to whom our giving is made to attend to them. We can’t fight for God. He is more than capable.

giving q.jpgACTS 5:3-4

God doesn’t compel anyone to give please but if you purpose in your heart, then stick to it. Because if after complaining and fussing you then give your offering, it is wasted giving as no reward will accrue to you. Giving complaining as well as giving without understanding are in the same pot of soup called “wasteful endeavor”

We should strive to obey God @ all cost and not man. He will reward our obedience and our understanding of scriptural demands is what will profit us. Giving is not forceful but beneficial with the right understanding….. in all your getting, get understanding

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