Internal Noise Battle


I don’t know why things are the way they are for me?

It seems God is not listening to my prayers and I know it is not because I have unconfessed sins.

What can be the problem?

Have you ever been at this cross road? God always sends messages to us or answers to our prayers but the issue is that we are always too noisy within to hear what directives He is giving or probably we are busy seeking people’s opinion on the issue we took to the mercy sit and scanning every possible search engine so, this goes a long way to block our ears from hearing Him even more and steals our peace .

Being still is very vital ifs we must have result of answered prayers or directives. Most often the storm within us is more intense that the one outside. Learn to be still. Practice just being silent after making request. Fight every internal noisy and I assure you, you will never get to a point in life that you do not know what next to do

Have a blessed Sunday



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