Isaiah 61

We need to let the Holy Spirit do His work in us and for us so that destiny can be fulfilled

The Dream Lodge


The spirit of the lord is upon you because, he will………………….

Mentored you to mentor others

Shaken you to shake others

Blessed you to bless other

Changes you to change others

Charged you to take charge

Lead you to lead others

Loved you to love others

Saved you to save others

Delivered you to deliver others

Empowered you to empower others

Anoints you to anoint others

Helped you to help others

Forgives you to forgive other

Enriched you to enrich others

Transformed you to transform others

Informed you to inform other

Teaches you to teach others

Trained you to train others

The presence of the Spirit of God is not just there just for the sake of being there. He working with us, working for us and working in us to DO something.

The Spirit of God is a working anointing not a stagnating one, you have to work it…

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