What We Do And Wear Plus

I have always known that God cares from the time I set my heart to know Him. But i was more trilled to know that God cares SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT WE DO.


It goes beyond what we do. It gets right down till little specifics like color and more. When messengers had to be sent to Peter as it relates to gentiles getting saved, Cornelius was told to go to a Leather workers house. You see, He is mindful of the WORKS OF OUR HANDS. Not just that it further said Brown Leather. Our God knows details we just need to lean in on Him.So you see, there is nothing wrong in wearing, making and owning good quality and fine things; leather ain’t cheap

Further He cares about where we live. God knows where you live right now. This SHOULD TAKE EVERY WORRY OFF YOU NOW. That is why it is important to seeks God’s direction in all we do even where we life.

Let me trill you the more. God said that Peter lives with his friend new the BEACH. Vacations are allowed by God even a nice time @ a BEACH RESORT. God is not a Dictator ( He is not uptight as is sometimes portrayed)

(Read Acts 10, for full insight and new rhema)


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