Learning To Be Still

I had one of those mornings.

There I was tussling and turning on the bed  wondering why I am up without my alarm ringing. Plain out sneaky. I tried to sleep but kept looking at the time.( Now I know waking up every morning has nothing to do with the clock and phone alarms but mercy).

It dropped in my spirit to check my sisters phone to be sure that I am not lagging. Oh my? when I check, I flung myself off the bed and dashed to the washroom. Thank God I had already picked out the dress for this new working day last night. Before anyone could notice I was out of the washroom and got dressed liked yesterday. I checked the clock and it was obvious that the bus had left me and I had to wait for the next ones and get ready to be late to work.

There was a stillness in me that made me not to rush. I just kept thanking God and in my head calculated all scenarios to get to work at a cost saving. By the time I got to the bus stop I saw my fellow “bus-destination-goers” still there. We waited for a while and that particular bus was delayed. I got into the next one that came. It was not the best route but I knew how from there to find myself to work. Finally I got to work on TIME. YOOOUPPIIEEEEE. My phone by some error I can’t even explain backed itself by 1 hour and I had no idea. The Holy Spirit woke me up and even nurged my spirit to check the time. He knew the bus will be late and wanted me to catch extra sleep.

Now I know that all works for the good of they that love God. That in everything we should give thanks and that no matter the situation we should speak what we want to see and not what is happening. The power of positive words can not be over rated. My point is no matter what is happening in your life or in the world around you, learn to be still and let Him make all good in time( it might as insignificant as saving me from getting late to work which i am still grateful). I am learning to be still. This experience really boosted my faith. Hope it does yours too

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