Ha ha hha haha hha ( Laughing out loud)

I know I scared you. Well I’m not out here to beg so no need to fret.

A many we fear when we hear the word “give”; why? Some people do not like to give, others do not want to give, some need to give and yet do not “supposedly” have enough.

This I have come to understand that giving has nothing to do with having too much to too less or just enough for you and the few or many people in your life.

I know you are getting interested to know were I’m headed. Well you have got plenty to give so do not hold back please!!! Give that amazing smile, give that warm hand shake, give that soothing word, and give your time be it in service or in private. These little things are the greatest.

Let’s start giving; life is happier this way. Muah***

9 thoughts on “I AM NOT BEGGING

  1. Indeed life is happier when we give..

    I nominated you for the sisterhood blog Award.
    More details are on the latest post on my blog. Please do check it out.
    I will be thrilled to read your response.
    However, participation is optional..

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