Garbage Anger

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Its intriguing how one write up triggers another. So I blogged this post; happy new month- new beginnings and a friend @KwiyuhM commented and said “ drop it and let hurt break” and I got into mode- inspired while replying in appreciation to him

After cooking we clean up; like right away (ladies perspective) and if we instead of taking the trash out we lock it up in the bin, waiting for “him” or other family members to take it out for us, we are calling for trouble if they do not agree and it stays in days and days and months and months and even years. Flies start flirting around, maggots grow hard and the smell even spoils the good meal we took so much time to cook. So are Anger/ Unforgiveness

People will or we will hurt others sometimes with or without our or their concern. The choice lies in us to let go of the hurt (cleaning out our trash after cooking) and not wait for them to come beginning ; giving them power over our emotions and our life.

If we however do not let go of the hurt but bottle it in, we will soon stink and people will not like being around us; as bitterness grows and no one likes a “ kill joy presence” around.

So forgive and let go , so you don’t stink with the anger stored in your heart. Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of live

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