My Anger Towards Us “Christians”


Before you start fussing keep reading

I constantly here us say that” the Church is like a hospital that takes in the physically, emotionally, financially and socially sick people” some say “it’s not a place for perfect people but for the imperfect trying to be perfect” Great!

The truth is without the Church there will be a big vacuum in the world and we know nature aborts vacuum

Now this is why I am angry. I am not holier than though before you start judging. I am not God yet I am a god #likebegetslike. I am not judging yet I have the mind of Christ.

We are so much at ease in Zion #dangerous. We taking God and other Christians for granted. Trying to pressure marriageable single with the talk of “let’s take the relationship to the next level” talk to get them in bed before marriage, dressing humble in service and forgetting to represent Him more out of Church building. Courting 4+ girls at once in Church; even Solomon did not do that he married his 700 and even the 300 were on a marriageable lane I believe if time permitted him and the list goes on and on

Then the wakeup call comes for us to get back to the price redemption wroth for us and we say “ that is why I am in Church to get better….. oh yes we are using the Saul to Paul line.

Now this again is why I am angry at us. This sounds like God is not adequate or incapable to help our infirmities. Lies! That is not the God our bibles potray. No Father leaves their child in the rubbles for ages. Love won’t let it.

Next time before we start using the “Adamic” statement of justification, let’s think on what that says about the God we serve and love. Who alone fills the Heavens and the earth! Who answers to genuine hunger and thirst promptly!

I am angry because it’s not perfection but in believing that Grace abounds that we insult it.

Much love

Much fussing

My thoughts only J

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