Nike Shorts and Sweatshirts

Definition of true friendship


real firends

My favorite thing about our relationship is that

I don’t have to pretty with you

I don’t have to be well spoken

Or turn on my grammar check

I don’t have to reapply my makeup.

Nike shorts and sweatshirts suffice.

You know me well enough that nothing else matters, but me.

You know my heart.

My weakness and my strengths

My most terrible moments

And I know yours

I have hated you, but in the same moment see how this relationship was different than any other relationship Ive ever had.

How my hate for you only exemplified how much you loved me

I can see God in you.

How in my frustration you made me laugh

And I don’t have to be pretty with you

I don’t have to match

Or even smell nice

Post workout meetings are okay with you

Random conversations are invited

I don’t have to make…

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