Asking the Honest Question?

I get so fascinated at the way people turn to act and behave. If you put yourself in fire, then get ready to get burn or find an escape. One of my lecturer once said” there is no stupid question and there is no question without an answer” Yes I don’t beg I agree. If you decide to ask the honest question:;” who is he to you? Do you love me? How can we fix this? Am I all dreamt of”, you can put your own question here ??????????? Brace you for the honest answer. It might just make your day lighter and make you glow more or it will turn you into a wreck either way for a person like me HONESTY IS KEY EVEN IF IT KILLS. I dislike people saving faces. Be you. Don’t lie to hurt me. Be truthful and ease the life people bring you into. We were created in truth so let’s live it.

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